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5-Year Anniversary Poem

We are just finishing up Date #19, several months into our 5th year of this

LAT - Living Apart Together relationship. Looking back here is a poem Maggie was inspired to write on the 5-year anniversary of Date #1. Enjoy and look for more posts soon!



You tiptoed into my life on the wings

Of an angel who calls me her American mom


Unobtrusively peeking into conversations

I had no idea that you were of any consequence to me


You certainly didn’t need me in your life

In those early drops of connection


And I was fine with a fullness

That makes my life complete


What would have been the consequence

Had you made it to her wedding?


The invisible curators of our lives made sure we did not meet

The time for us was not ripe


You whose warmth I reach for every night

You whose heart I hold when you are far away


Not just a passing in the night

You arrived at just the right time and place


You were there for days and meals and talks and walks

All virgin land for both of us


Fresh and clear we prepared for this new adventure

To where we did not know


Oh, the sights and sounds and tastes and touches

of our times together


The laughs and questions, challenges and miracles

Streaming through this life called you and me


Miracles of time and place, of planes and games

The chess of life


We play it well. 

And if they ask, I will tell


You, my friend, my love, my joy,

You are the frosting on the cake of life, plus the cherry on the top!




By Maggie Burgisser   for Jan    1-18-2024  

Date #1 San Miguel de Allende January 2019

Date # 19 excursion to Ghent, Belgium May 2024





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