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Across the miles "I Love You Because.."

Two dates and new things happening in our lives since we last posted, so we have lots to share. But today we are again two months 3815 miles apart. We video chat every day. We miss each other. And every once in a while, whether we are togther or apart, Jan will say, "Maggie, why do you love me?" And she replies, "I have no idea, it just is." But today she decided to write a poem to answer that question.

Why do I love you?

You asked me, “Why do you love me?”

Why does a cow eat grass?

Why does a bee collect nectar from the flowers?

Why does that mosquito drink my blood?

Why does a bear lust for honey?

Why does a whale surface for air?

Why does a bird dive from a cloud to catch a worm?

Why does light cancel darkness?

Grass creates life.

Nectar creates life.

Blood creates life.

Honey creates life.

Breath creates life.

Worms create life.

Light creates life.

Why does my skin quiver with excitement when it touches yours?

Your touch creates life.

Why do I love you?

My soul met yours and screamed across all known universes

“I have met life, and it is us!”

By Maggie Burgisser

for Jan 3-1-22


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