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Globe Gliding Through Lockdowns

Date #8. At last. After 30 weeks and 6 days apart we are together.

Jan, if you didn’t know, is a genius kind of guy that created a better way to turn plant and animal waste into natural gas for fuel and safe fertilizer for food production. He has projects completed and in process around the globe. It has been several years in the making, but his project in Thiva, Greece, finally reached construction phase and he went to oversee it in mid-February. It was cold then and lockdown was intense. He rented an AirBnB in Chalkida, the main city on Evia, the second largest of Greece’s 6000 islands.

The site of his installation on the mainland was less than 25-minute drive away. Meanwhile Chalkida provided some interest and necessities. Or so we guessed pouring over possible places to stay from internet pictures. It was quite a leap of faith as he paid for the apartment for his projected stay of seven months. I arrived in Mid-May, three months into his stay,

Because of intense lockdown, Jan had not done much exploring. Things opened May 2nd. Finally some restaurants to sit at but only on their outdoor terraces; followed slowly by museums and historic sites.

Was he desperate for company and things to do??

This was more that ‘Skin Hunger’ that we talk about in Blog 6. This was ‘Social Hunger,’ ‘Sit in a restaurant and eat Hunger,’ ‘Talk to people off the site Hunger,’ ‘Get a hug Hunger,’ 'Let me live Hunger'!

We will take you on the adventure of Date #8 – the first six weeks in Greece- starting with a picture from the Boulevard in Chalkida. Yes the water was always this tourquise and the sky this blue and by the time we left, no masks.


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