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Home is where the heart is...

Flying high over clouds of culture and

phantom need to separate strangers

beyond a degree of common sense

a plane glides towards Amsterdam

from New York thru Dublin

at last closing a wide-open gap

stitched together by nightly video calls on WhatsApp.

She wonders what pieces of a perfect romance

withstood this planetary scar

well enough to meet skin to skin.

Passport control doesn’t seem to bother

that the whole tourist industry

is being terrorized with tales of

temperature checks and

self-imposed quarantine.

He makes his way to passenger pickup.

Comically unable to locate each other

at last the long-awaited hugs and kisses.

They arrive at his home.

Beautiful flowers set the tone of love reunited.

Lunch of soup and bread is followed by

a walk through this land of ancient adventurers.

They are right at home in no time.

7 months yearned for

Date #7 begins its flourish.

Together. Hearts at home.


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