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We hope to inspire others, whether young or old, to know that 

life is to be lived with courage, hope, and joy at every age!

Maggie Burgisser and Jan Driegen


     "We have a daughter together, but we met for the first time in September 2018."


     "WHAT?" is the reaction we always get.  Carmen Ring invited us along with a dozen other people to join her at a business conference in Phoenix, AZ.  We had heard of each other. She calls Maggie her "American Mom" and Jan of the Netherlands, her "Other Dad."


     Jan was curious about meeting this Maggie, who Carmen calls her ‘American Mom,' but was not thinking about a relationship at all.  Maggie didn't expect a thing concerning this 'Other Dad' until he picked her up at the airport, and they had time to chat before the others arrived at the Airbnb. Widowed for nine years she had not dated at all, but suddenly her senses picked up.


     Five days together with the group, including a side trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and the flirtation was underway.  The first date however, was not until January 2019 when Jan asked Maggie if she would like to join him in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico for a few days.  YES, she said enthusiastically. 


     True love was born as that first date unfolded, first for each in 45 years, unfolding in five magical days, five days in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.


     To make things clear, our homes are 3815 miles apart.  Jan is Dutch and lives in his home in the Netherlands surrounded by grown children, beautiful grandchildren, and a host of friends.  Maggie enjoys a full life in the USA with two adult children, one in Texas, and the other steps away from her home in Delaware, which includes two beautiful grandchildren. 

     This blog is about our story.  It’s about romance and true love in later years; about new love as an adjunct to a life well-lived; about fun and adventure with no time limit. 


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