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The Dutch have created an expression in the past weeks of social distancing and quarantine. It is "Skin Hunger"; the longing to get a hug, touch someone, kiss. We had our own version of that before the Covid 19 Virus began its march across the planet.

With 3815 miles between our homes we had a great time from January 2019 through February of 2020 meeting for a few days or weeks at a time. Each event we called a date; six so far, the shortest 5 days, the longest 31 days

When not together we video chat daily. Now, after Easter, Jan was planning a two-week visit with Maggie in Delaware, Date #7. But it's not happening. Our imaginations fill in.

Skin Hunger

Skin hunger..

Breathe it in.

Find a place

To put this sting.

I’ll catch a plane

Find your house

Sneak in quiet

As a mouse

Gently up the

Stairs I’ll climb

Turn to the right

You’re bed I’ll find

And snuggle up

You’ll think you’re mad

To feel me there

And yearn so bad

To touch my heart

Or feel my breast

No better way to

Beat this pest.

To your surprise

I’m real you’ll find

Dreams do come true

Of every kind

You turn

We hug

We’ve beat it now..

This Covid bug.

The night is young

Good times are back

Skin hunger gladly

Now off track.

by Maggie for Jan 04-25-2020


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